You’re A Single Mom Now – 10 Tips To Dating Again

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You’re A Single Mom Now

You’re a single mom now with teenagers at home. So do you live life day-to-day under their life or do you find one of your own? It is challenging and intimidating to get back out there after a death or divorce, but you do need to get on with your own life. The question is how? Or actually there are many questions about this subject, so we’re going to give you 10 tips on dating again.

You Need To Have A Life
And you are entitled to that too! Anyone and everyone will have an opinion on this subject, but ultimately, it is up to you to live your life.

Resistance Should Be Expected
You shouldn’t expect the kids to be excited and overjoyed about you starting to date, no matter how old they are or what brought you to this single status again. Kids can be selfish and they may not want to share you with anyone else.

Keep Your Focus On Your Date
When you do go out on a date, stay focused on the date. Don’t let the conversation be all about the kids. Show this person there is another side to you and find out about them too.

Hold Off The Meeting of This Person and The Kids
Your kids will probably be uncomfortable meeting this new person in your life, so don’t make it a habit of introducing every one you go out with. Wait until it is somebody that may be the “right” one.

Slow Down The Intimacy
You may have the feeling of a teenager’s hormones when you start dating again, but don’t act upon those feelings. Remember passion isn’t the same thing as love.

Go Slow
You may feel like you got a new set of lungs when you begin a relationship and want to proceed on to the next level. Don’t. Take the time to let the relationship develop.

Be Discrete
It can be easy to get caught up in with a new person and the relationship, but remember to keep the cuddling and the kissing at bay when the kids are around.

Your Responsibilities As a Parent Still Exist
No matter how comfortable you kids are with the new person, don’t be too quick to have them take on parenting responsibilities or roles right away.

Keep Your Priorities Balanced
You need to go with your life, but remember your kids were there before this new person. Your presence is more important to them.

Breaking Up Can Be Hard
If your new relationship develops over time, but you both decide it just isn’t right, breaking it off isn’t just going to affect you. It can be upsetting for the kids too, no matter how old or young they are.

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