Why It’s Important to Discuss Prescription Drug Usage

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Why It's Important to Discuss Prescription Drug Usage

Many teens don’t believe prescription drugs to be a problem because they are readily available. It’s this misconception that over-the-counter pharmaceuticals are safer than street drugs that put a teen’s life in jeopardy. In many cases, medicines found in someone’s cabinet can be just as damaging as something sold in some dark alley. When talking to your teen about drug abuse, make sure you include prescriptions from friends and family and why it can be dangerous to abuse them.

Tolerance Levels
Like using any substance, each person has a specific tolerance level. There are many factors that contribute to how well someone can handle the usage of any given drug from specific physiology to previous exposure to the drug in question. A teen needs to realize that the tolerance level for one person may not be the same for another. It’s easy to overdose on pharmaceuticals because of a misunderstanding centering around individual dosage. Unless the teen is examined by a physician, there is no telling what could happen when he or she uses the substance for the first time.

Allergic Reactions
Allergies to certain compounds can simulate a variety of mental illnesses. These can also contribute to a wide range of physical complications. Some allergies can be severe enough to cause death. Your teen needs to understand how allergic reactions work and that not everyone is affected by the same things. Something that a friend can use safely could wind up putting your teen in the hospital. An allergy can cause everything from mild skin irritations to seizures and heart failure.

Altered Physical and Mental Development
A person’s brain continues to develop until approximately 20-years of age. The prescription substances abused now can greatly affect the future development of a child, which can inadvertently impact career and educational aspects. Instead of living up to aspirations of college, the teen may have continued cognitive difficulties. Of course, this is true with any substance that is being abused. However, it’s much easier for a teen to get his or her hands-on prescription medications. When talking to your teen about medication use, this point must be addressed. Any dreams of his or her future can be easily dashed by abusing prescription drugs.

Prescription-drug use is a problem in many high schools. Things like Adderall, the drug used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, are common in the school yard. Don’t let your child go into the wilderness of adolescence without proper knowledge. You may help save the life of your teen as well as that of someone else.

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