Why It’s Important for Teens to Learn How to Stop and Think

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Why It's Important for Teens to Learn How to Stop and Think

Teens don’t have the benefit of experience as you do. Many of them need to try something before they can learn. Unfortunately, this puts the children at risk. Most teenagers will push the envelope and see how far a situation can go before it becomes a problem. As a parent, you need to teach your teenagers how to stop and think before situations get to that point.

Social Interaction
One of the biggest arenas for teens to practice self-restraint would be in the form of social media. In this environment, there is no actual inter-personal interaction. It’s easy to unload with whatever is on your mind for the sake of the “shock” value. Unfortunately, many teens have felt the sting of their words as their messages are available for all to see. In one instance, a teen was sent to jail on suspicion of terrorist activities simply because of something said in anger to peers on Facebook regarding a video game. Teens need to realize that almost any comment can be taken out of context. Even if the post was meant to be a sarcastic joke, they could find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Sexual Partners
Many teens, especially boys, have raging hormones that override their sense of judgment. Unfortunately, this often leads to teen pregnancy and various transmitted diseases. If your teen insists on being sexually active, make sure that he or she can stop and think about the repercussions of unprotected intercourse. A night of passion could easily turn into a long-term, life-changing event. Constantly remind your teen to make smarter choices when faced with the situation.

Peer Pressure
Peer pressure is one of the most influential factors in your teen’s life. He or she may be talked into a variety of dangerous and idiotic behaviors simply because their friends are doing it as well. Your teen needs to understand that true friends wouldn’t put each other in precarious situations. If your teen can stop and think about the results before committing certain activities, his or her life may be greatly altered. For example, it takes less than a second for a drunk teen to kill an entire family while drinking and driving.

When discussing how to make proper choices with your teen, make sure that you avoid giving a lecture. Your child may have learned from an early age to tune you out when giving a speech. Talk with your teen and make sure he or she is with you. It will make a difference in how the teenager will retain the information.

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