When to Introduce the Children When Dating

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When to Introduce the Children When Dating

An introduction between your child and the person you’re dating can be a bit of a tricky situation. You need to know how your prospective mate and the kid will interact with each other, but you don’t want the kiddo to become too attached to someone you’re not serious with. For some women, it can feel like an impossible situation. Do you want to put in the effort of maintaining the relationship if there are going to be complications between this new person and the child? Time may be the best measure of determining when the best moment is to bring your mate home.

Waiting as Long as Possible
Many experts attest to waiting as long as possible before introducing your mate to your child. You are not the only person that can be hurt by a failed relationship, and children are capable of taking the situation exceptionally hard. There could be feelings of abandonment, especially if the kids become too attached to someone you’re dating. The little ones don’t have the same capacity to recover from a loss such as this. They won’t have the same experience you do in order to cope and move on.

When You Become Exclusive
One of the smartest methods to determine when to introduce the children is when you and your prospective mate decide to become exclusive. This means that your relationship has advanced to a point where the two of you want to see how far it goes. Many people, especially men, view the introduction of a child as a big step in the relationship. Once the two of you are sure about advancing together as a couple, then the time may be right for including your child. As there is less of a chance of a failing at this point, it may be the most ideal time for formal introductions.

Not on Special Days
Introductions on the child’s birthday, sporting event or other special day may be inadvisable. Essentially, the child may grow to resent your mate almost immediately for stealing your kid’s thunder. He or she could also see the introduction of a new person as an invasion of privacy. It’s best to do these introductions on a normal day when there is nothing going on in the child’s life.

When you decide to be exclusive with someone, that person is essentially agreeing that at some point there will be an instant family. It can be intimidating for many, and there is a possibility that the introduction could end the relationship. If something like this happens, understand that it’s not your fault. Not everyone is ready to have children at this point in time. It’s better to discover these issues now than to continue the relationship.

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