When Should You Become Exclusive with Someone?

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When Should You Become Exclusive with Someone

Being exclusive is a big step in a relationship. It means that you and your mate are dedicated to each other. You’re accepting this person’s mannerisms, behaviors, likes and dislikes and are willing to continue being a couple. You want to be absolutely sure this is what you need and want in your life. Otherwise, the situation can be incredibly emotional and heart-wrenching when things go awry. Before deciding to be exclusive with someone, you have to know with absolute certainty that this is what you want.

Is It Too Soon?
For many women, it takes more than a month to get to know someone. While some successful relationships had a relatively short courting period, many couples wind up separating. A lot of the time, this is because both parties learned more about each other that was too extreme for what the other was looking for. Dating is about getting to know someone better before committing to an exclusive relationship. A person could say all the right things one day but could have habits and behaviors that won’t be discovered until much later.

Does the Person Complement You?
Couples that complement each other are often the ones that transcend time. No, this isn’t saying that your date should tell you how nice you look all the time – even though that is a nice gesture. This is about fitting together like a puzzle. Does the person you’re dating fit your lifestyle? Can this person be the “Yin” to your “Yang?” It’s all about being able to balance the relationship as a couple.

Where Do You See the Relationship Going?
Lasting relationships are often those that are not forced. A commitment should be something that is gradually built. If you decide to become exclusive with one person, you need to communicate. Perhaps the person you’re dating isn’t ready for something solid. That doesn’t mean you should stop dating the individual, but you shouldn’t be ready to commit to the next person just because you were rejected. Be open and honest about your future needs and wants from day one. It can save you a great deal of grief and time.

Before you’re ready to commit to being exclusive, you should have a great deal of knowledge about the individual. Come to grips with why you want to be with just one person. Can you logically list rational reasons why you want to be in a committed relationship? If you have a child at home, you need to be absolutely sure this is the right person for yourself and the kiddo. A lot of emotional damage can be done to both of you if you’re wrong.

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