What Every Man Should Know When Dating a Single Mom

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What Every Man Should Know When Dating a Single Mom

For some men, the prospect of dating a single mom seems like a scary and confusing undertaking. Many of them get hung up on their uncertainties or assumptions about what it would be like that they never get to experience the reality. The truth is that single moms are still beautiful women just like any others that you’ve dated. When you meet that lovely lady who steals your heart and you find out she’s a single mom, don’t back away! Use these tips to make your relationship with a single mom as rewarding as any other.

Be Patient

Single moms are busy! They have a whole other human life that they are responsible for, so don’t take it personally if she doesn’t text you back right away or can’t come out to dinner at the last minute. It can be very challenging for single moms to find the right balance of time spent with their families and time spent with their dates, so be patient while she figures this out.

Don’t Get Jealous

One of the major challenges in any relationship with a single mom can be the looming threat of “The ex.” In many cases, he is still around and taking an active role in his children’s lives. This can easily lead to paranoia and jealous feelings if you let it, so don’t let it. Communicate your concerns openly and honestly, and be secure in the answers she gives you unless you have a good reason to doubt.

Don’t Play Games

As we’ve discussed before, single moms are busy. They don’t have time to play along with the manipulation games you used on your high school girlfriends. If you always wait an hour or two before returning her texts or calls and are dead set on playing hard to get, count on her losing interest rather than being intrigued by your “mysterious” side. Openness and honesty will get you much farther.

Don’t Try to “Rescue” Her

There is a rather pervasive myth about single moms that seems to suggest that they are all just waiting around for another man to swoop in and take the place of the old one. In reality, single moms are much more self-sufficient than that. She doesn’t need to be rescued by anyone, and she may not even care to settle down any time soon- if at all. Single moms will look on the men they date with a critical eye- they want to get to know them well before even thinking of getting serious to make sure that they’re the type of person they want to be with and have their kids emulate.

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