Teen Advice Regarding Sex

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Teen Advice Regarding Sex

Many parents find it extremely challenging to sit down with their teen sons or daughters and discuss matters to do with sex and sexual intercourse. However, such discussions are pivotal in educating the teens and preparing them for the future. As parents, you need to be able to discuss these and other issues with your teenagers so that if they ever face a problem, they can come and talk to you. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

Split the gender

Sometimes it is easier for parents to split along gender lines so that dad speaks to the sons, and mom speaks to the daughters. This makes it easier because of the relative benefit of the gender bias. It is easier for a man to speak to another man. Similarly, it is easier for mom to speak to another lady. This technique has worked in the past and is bound to work time and time again.

Allow your kids to discuss freely

Mostly as parents, we do not spend sufficient time with our kids. We get home late every evening and leave early enough. It is advisable to develop a culture of talks, discussions and frank exchange of ideas such that when the time comes for serious discussions, these can be held in a candid and open manner. When kids learn to speak freely, candidly and openly on any subject, they will definitely fare better, and it will be easier for parents to hold sex talks and related talks.

Make use of props

Researchers have found that it is much easier to explain to teenagers matters to do with sex, intercourse and relationships using props. Therefore, find props that you can use in order to get the message across. Props can be easier to understand than using straight talk and the message will get across better. These props are pretty effective, especially for parents who may not be able to discuss such things openly.

Find suitable literature on the topic

If you plan to have talks with your teenage sons or daughters but are unsure of how to go about it, then consider studying on the subject and get the necessary material. It is always good to be prepared. There is plenty of literature available on these topics from respected authorities such as child psychologists, family doctors and relationship experts among many others. And remember, your kids will love it even if you do not do a good job.

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