Single Mom’s Guide to Dating

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Single Mom’s Guide to Dating

Many times, single moms fall for suitors who date them for a short period only to move on without any concrete reasons. If you had been married before, you may start thinking that you are the reason why your marriage did not work and if unmarried, you may conclude that you just don’t have luck with getting a spouse who is ready to be with you. Could it be you are doing things wrong? Could it be that you are not making yourself a priority when looking for a suitor? Follow the dating guide below and expect good results:

Assess Your Vulnerability
Some single moms enter a new relationship hoping that their partner will help them sort out the mess of their lives by being there and offering a shoulder to lean on. As much as it good to be vulnerable to your partner because that is one of the ways that helps you to open up and lean on them, it is advisable that you assess your vulnerability before you entering a relationship. If you are looking for an emotional clutch, you are not ready to date yet because such things may piss suitors off.

Trust Your Instincts
Do not ignore the little voice that speaks up to you, especially when you are in a confused state. If your instincts tell you not to go out and meet your supposed suitor, it is best you stay and try finding out why you could be scared or having doubts about meeting up.

Do Not Settle For Mediocrity
As a single mom, you have a lot going on in your life. You may not have time for people who say nice words after despising you or those who show up just because they need something from you. Imagine the kind of partner you want and do not date someone who is different from that. If you have to settle with someone whom you didn’t imagine of, then it has to be someone who meets and beats your imagination of the kind of suitor you want.

Do Not Be Desperate
Being single does not bite. Accept it and embrace it. Let potential suitors know through your actions that you are not desperate to be in a relationship or to have them in your life. They will not only respect you but also be cautious with how they deal with you.

Single moms ought to be very careful when dating because it could break or build their relationship with their kids. When dating, you should always remember that your kids are your first priority so do not be afraid to let your potential suitors know that you are a dedicated mother.

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