Is Your Teen Responsible Enough?

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Is Your Teen Responsible Enough

When your little kid turns into a teen, there are many changes that you will notice, from a behavioral to a physical point of view. They start to get taller, have more responsibility on their hands, and even grow feelings for another person and get into relationships. And with all of these changes, you as a parent expect a lot from them, and sometimes even more than what’s possible. With that said, do you think that your teen is responsible enough? To keep things simple, here a list of the things that your teen does if he/she can handle their duties:

1. Time management: Most of the teen kids prefer doing a job when reaching towards the age of 15-16 years. Making ends meet is a difficult process, for both adults and teens alike. So if your kid isn’t struggling and sticks to the schedule of going to school, completing their homework, reaching to work on time, and still getting acceptable grades, you can’t expect anything more from them.

2. Good Grades: Your teenager will probably be having a lot of friends to hang out with when they reach that age. And believe it or not, every other parent besides you is just as concerned about their child’s grades. So if your kid does have a good social life but still manages to get good grades, it’s good to be supportive instead of making them study harder to get an A+ every time like some parents do. We all know that the social life of the kid is destroyed if they are in a room constantly studying, which will obviously be bad for their future.

3. Chores: As your kid grows into a teen, you would expect him to do the household duties to support the family as well, such as washing the dishes, taking the dog out for a walk, or any other similar chores. However, if you expect him/her to do more than 3-4 chores every day, it’s probably because you are expecting too much since more than 3-4 chores will make them think that you are asking too much from them, even if you are doing this for their own good.

4. Curfew: If the curfew that you have stated for your kid is 10pm and he/she returns by something, which is just a few minutes late (something like 10:10pm), then it’s acceptable because the traveling time or something can take up to around 10-15 minutes. There is nothing to worry about in this situation, your teen follows your rules because he/she understands that it’s for their own good.

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