Is It Possible For A Single Mom To Go To School? Yes You Can!

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Is It Possible

For an adult to go back to school it can be a challenge. Usually they have jobs and many have families with children as well, making it more challenging. Being a working mom means knowing how to juggle things but a working mom that is in school herself, it’s like walking a tight-rope and juggling at the same time. But what if you’re a single mom that works? Is going back to school even possible?

It is possible and here we have some advice to help you manage it all:

Review Your Class Syllabus Early: By reviewing your class syllabus, you can determine which weeks will be the most difficult, what day’s group sessions are required and outside assignments are posted. Then update your calendar and plan accordingly with your caregiver or somebody that can help with the kids.

Speak With Your Professor: You’ll be amazed at how many professors are understanding about being a mom that has to work and is trying to finish her education too. You aren’t necessarily asking for special consideration. Just by letting them know that there may be some days or weeks that you aren’t able to give 100% will tell them you aren’t a slacker.

Speak With Your Employer: They probably are already aware that you are a single mom. But do they know you’re in school too? Just like with your professors, you’ll be surprised how understanding employers can be too.

Shop For Textbooks: There is no surprise that as a single mom, money is tight already. So there isn’t an extra $200 laying around for text books. Don’t be shy, ask around and shop online as well as used book stores.

Schedule One Day A Week With No Studying: You have to give yourself a break from time to time if you’re going to survive.

Give The Kids Homework When You Have Homework: That is if they’re old enough, from about the age of 2 and up. The dollar stores have color books and workbooks for $1.00 each. Give your kids an assignment to work while you do your homework. If they’re in school, do your homework together.

Find Free Time: By creating snack ahead of time, you can make feeding the kids quick. Organize their bedtime clothes and school clothes so that you only have to spend one evening getting a week’s worth ready where they can help themselves. You aren’t ignoring them. You’re teaching them self-reliance.

Find Study Buddies: This can be most helpful in the difficult classes. They will be a help with the classwork and may be a good listener too.

Most of all mom, remember these days are actually passing quicker than it seems. When you’re stressed out, take a breather and go outside, walk around. Get some exercise and eat healthy. If you don’t take care of you, who is?

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