How to Protect Yourself When You Date as A Single Mother

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How to Protect Yourself When You Date as A Single Mother

The world is much different than it has ever been. While we have made strides in creating more conveniences, there are more risks and dangers now than there have ever been. Instead of jumping into the dating scene feet first, it would be wise to abide by the following precautions:

First Dates in Public Places
As a rule of thumb, stick to open and public places when it comes to the first few dates. It is a good practice to be in a crowd as you get comfortable with your date, and have witnesses around to vouch for your arrival and departure. It is 2016 and crimes against women continue to happen. Being single makes you more vulnerable to surprise attacks and predators. Don’t be afraid just be aware.

Always Alert a Friend or Family Member About the Date
You need someone you can confide in about your whereabouts. You may not want to broadcast it on Facebook (nor should you), but it is a good practice to tell someone when you’re going out, who you will be with (or at least a good description), what time you will meet and when they can expect to hear from you on your way home. This may seem drastic. Be safe, not sorry. Having someone who knows your whereabouts is a good system to you for many situations, especially in the beginning stages of dating.

Investigate and Research
What you don’t know can hurt you. More important than his annual income and profession is knowing about anything criminal in his past. Just because he had a few run ins with the law a few years back is not a deal breaker, but it can be a great way to see how honest he is when you all start to share more details about yourselves, and most importantly if you want to take the relationship further. Knowledge is power – use the Internet as a great resource to find out as much as you can.

Use Protection
You don’t need a firearm to feel protected, but having some form of a deterrent like mace can come in handy. There’s also making sure you keep your home address private and workplace secret until you know your love interest better. Of course, you must also protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy by using condoms. It is better to be prepared than to be sorry later on; use wisdom.

It doesn’t take rocket science to date as a single mother, but it does take a little preparation, and prudence. Using these tips can keep you from dealing with situations that could be potentially harmful or even deadly. As time progresses with your date, and you begin to feel more comfortable with them, you can definitely adjust your protection routine as you see fit. You can always benefit from a family member or friend knowing your date plans, as well as doing research on your interest. They won’t hurt.

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