How to Motivate Your Teen to Get Better Grades?

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How to Motivate Your Teen to Get Better Grades

As a parent, you obviously would want your teen son/daughter to have good grades so that they could go to college and get a good job. However, more often than not, teenagers hate studying, and it’s pretty common, since you probably did so too when you were a teen. But now that you are a parent, how do you get your teen to get better grades and graduate from school? Let’s find out:

1. Make them Understand: Teens are often known as the ‘why’ generation, solely because they have the habit of finding reason in everything before doing it. Curiosity at its peak, so you may have to prepare all the answers that they could possibly have before you ask them to do it. They simply cannot be told ‘because I told you so’ at this age, simply because they won’t, and you shouldn’t tell them that since they are old enough to be responsible for their own decisions now. What you can do is help and ask them to be more active in their studies by making them understand the merits of having a degree and a good job. Once you’ve done that, there is pretty much a guarantee that your teen will be engrossed in studies more than ever.

2. Pep Talk: Stress is among one of the reasons why teens don’t do well at school, even when they have the potential and study as well. You may be surprised by the amount of potential wasted when your sun/daughter has a low self-esteem and doesn’t think they could do it. And if you have been noticing your teen studying regularly and even understanding everything, do not scold them if they get bad grades. Instead, a pep talk which has something that mentions their achievements in the past and other motivational sentences should be a good way to get them back into action!

3. Motivation: It goes without saying that an unmotivated teen is more than likely to get bad grades simply because they are, well, unmotivated. Perhaps one of the best ways that parents have used as a means of motivating their teens is getting their favorite game console such as the Xbox if they get good grades, or maybe even giving them a challenge by saying something such as “You seem good in history, but it doesn’t look like you can achieve an A in it. I bet you an Xbox that you can’t bring it up. Prove me wrong.”

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