How to Discuss Relationships with Your Teen

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How to Discuss Relationships with Your Teen

It’s no surprise that your teen will start going out with persons of the opposite sex, whether as a date or as friends. Whatever the case, the fact that your teen will grow feelings for someone and be with them in a relationship is inevitable. Gone are the days when they are just together to play Legos or do homework, they are now old enough to know about expressing feelings and being together with someone. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t play a role in it. As an elder who has been through this as well, you can very well talk to them and educate them regarding relationships. Here’s how:

1. Casual Approach: Some parents have tried talking to their teens about their relationships, whether they are seeing someone, are they attracted to anyone, or any other similar matter. However, in the mindset of a teen, there is a fine line between asking and what looks to them as an interrogation. It might be your mistake as you may sound desperate or constantly ask question, and in this case, it’s best to just casually ask them regarding the same in a manner that portrays that you care but also support them. Such discussions are perfect when you are alone. The teen will feel more secure and open that way.

2. Educate them: If your kid is already in a relationship, and you are aware of it, but he/she seems frustrated everyday by their boy/girlfriend, it won’t hurt to educate them a bit since you are the one who is better experienced in the room. You know that, and the teen knows that as well, but the thing with teens is that the moment you sound as if you are speaking with authority or in a sense of self-righteousness, they will do the exact opposite no matter whether you are right or wrong, so it’s always better to speak with them like a friend, especially regarding these matters.

3. Invite them Over: A healthy discussion to promote positive feelings can also be done by inviting your teen’s boy/girlfriend over to your house for dinner. This way, you can simply pass some suggestions mixed with the background of you doing the same thing when you were a teen. In such a way, you are letting your teen know that you approve and are happy with their relationship since it matters to them a lot, even if they don’t show.

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