How To Avoid That Eye-Roll From Your Teenager

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How To Avoid That

Teenagers are known for rolling their eyes and walking away from a conversation with mom that they don’t want to be a part of. They think that mom doesn’t know anything and when they stomp off to their room and slam the door, you know they are done with talking much less listening.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. You can actually achieve a level conversation with your teenager and it can be about anything and everything. Yes, talking about clothes, school and even the difficult stuff.

Some parents have found using humor helps. By keeping the conversation light-hearted, they are able to talk to their teenager about alcohol, bullying, drugs, sex and all of the other challenging, difficult and uncomfortable topics.

Be The Parent That Has It Going
As a single mom, you can’t let your fear show to your kids. You to have show your teen that there is no topic that you can’t or won’t talk about. Being fearless and having a fierceness to tackle any conversation with the same zest that your teenager has will make it appear that you know what “it” is all about and that you have it happening.

Letting your teen know that you are imperfect can level the game with them so that they are comfortable about opening up to you and will listen to you too. Let them know that you have made mistakes in the past and you still do.

Lack Of Honesty With Yourself Is The Biggest Mistake You Can Make
Not being honest with your own self about the hot topics such as alcohol, bullying, drugs and sex is a huge mistake that many parents make. If your teenage daughter or son thinks they already know how you feel about a subject, they aren’t going to be honest and open with you about their feelings much less their engagement in those topics.

As a single mom, it can be easy to go into the overprotective mode when you talk to your teen. This is when you have to put on your straight face and remind yourself that you were that age once. Don’t be judgmental and above all, don’t make them feel like any question the have is a stupid question. You know that growing up isn’t easy so let them know you know that.

Get A Roll of Duct Tape If Necessary
Parents have a tendency to talk too much which is a huge mistake too. There are times you just need to be quiet and if it takes putting duct tape over your mouth, then so be it. Sometimes we need to simply hush and let the teenager be the smarter one in a conversation. Have the attitude and perseverance to step back and permit them to have the spotlight from time to time. That will secure you a spot in your next talk with them.

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