Excellent Games to Play with Family

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Excellent Games to Play with Family

Keeping your family, and especially your kids happy would mean that you have to devote some time to the family. Sure, a regular family dinner has its own merits, but there should be more memorable moments about your family rather than just the food that you ate at the dinner table. With that in mind, here are some excellent family games that you can play together, enjoy, and be closer to each other:

1. Geography: Before you presume anything and think that it’s a boring game, just hear us out. The game geography is rather much more fun compared to the boring subject that you have learned in school. As a matter of fact, it can also be a great way to educate your children in a way that they aren’t bored. The rules of geography are as follows: A person tells the name of any place (country, city or state) and the other person has to name a city that starts with the alphabet at the end of the first place. For example (If the first person says ‘New York’, the second person has to name a place that starts with ‘K’, which could be Kentucky, for example).

2. UNO: The card game UNO doesn’t need an introduction now, does it? This game is undoubtedly one of the most popular card games out there, if not THE most popular one. It might require a learning curve for toddlers who haven’t played this game, but once they understand it, you can expect hours of endless fun and enjoyment for your family time.

3. Family Tree: Though more of an activity than a game, it is still fun to make a beautiful family tree and keep it in the living room. The name is pretty much self-explanatory: all you have to do is make a family tree which contains all the names of those who are your relatives. Consider using the maternal and paternal sides in this case, all segregating into different people related to your kid’s father and you.

4. Name Place Animal Thing: If you didn’t play this game as a kid in your home, we feel sorry for you, since it is pretty much the most common game out there which also gets the mind ticking. The rules are pretty simple: one person selects a random alphabet letter, and everyone has to write a name, place, animal and thing that starts with that letter on the paper. The one with the most unique answers wins.

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