Cleaning as a Family: How to Make It Fun

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Cleaning as a Family

Getting the kids to clean can be a pain most of the time. For some children, it’s like pulling teeth. The important thing to do is keep your cool. You can get the kids to help keep the house clean as long as you can make it fun. After a while, it can easily become a habit. While you might not think, the game is fun, children will take their cues from you. When you put on a strong front to do something, you don’t necessarily like, it’ll be easier to get them to contribute.

Playing with Mommy

Most children will happily join in the game of cleaning if you’re doing it with them. They relish in spending time with Mommy and will get busy with any chore you’re doing. At first, the help may be a bit chaotic. That’s OK, this is when you teach the kids how and what to clean regularly. Keep the atmosphere fun, but allow them to learn how you want things done. While you’re cleaning, it may also be beneficial to explain why cleaning is important. Nobody likes broken or lost toys, and cleaning helps keep these things from happening.

It’s a Race!

Once the children are comfortable enough to clean a room on their own, make it a race. You pick one area of the house, and they have another. Make it a competition as to who can clean faster. Remember, kids love games and they really love beating the parent at something. If you want to fill them with confidence and pride, let them have a room to clean that is less messy than the one you’re doing. Many children will become very excited when they beat you. However, don’t let them win every time. They still need to learn that effort is the mainstay of success.


Some parents don’t believe in rewarding their children for doing chores. That’s personal preference, but it can be helpful if they can earn something for their efforts. It shouldn’t be considered bribery. After all, is it bribery when you work at a job and receive a paycheck? These rewards can be relatively simple, such as picking the next family movie or helping you bake cookies.

You directly influence the children as they grow. By setting an example of how you want them to behave; they’ll usually follow suit. You shouldn’t try to force tasks on children, but demonstrate why it’s a good idea. Before long, they’ll be cleaning on their own without you telling them again and again to pick up their socks.

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