A Single Mom’s Dating Guide

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A Single Mom's Dating Guide

Getting back to dating can be daunting for a single mom and navigating the single-mom dating scene can be complex. Here are some ideas that can be of use as you start dating.

• Don’t Give Up – keep yourself in the game even when one relationship does not go your way. Learn from the mistakes and capitalize on the good things that came out of it. Each time it gets easier as long as you are getting better at choosing men.

• Get Rid of Insecurities – as a single mom, it is easy to feel insecure due to the failures of the past relationship. However, this may make your current or prospective relationship difficult. You can motivate yourself by listing ten reasons why a man would want to date you. By doing so, you convince yourself mentally that it was your ex’s loss, not yours.

• Find Time to Date – despite having a busy schedule, you should set some time aside to meet people and to date. Spending all your time in your backyard will not get you any closer to finding a new man.

• Look Out for Red Flags – like any other relationship, you need to watch out for any signs of danger in the relationship and your partner. With children in the picture, you have little room for inappropriate relationships or those that have no future. You are also emotionally vulnerable so in case of any extreme red flags, walk away before you and your children get hurt.

• Give Him Room – if you are dating a man who has no kids yet, he may not instantly comprehend your life. Be patient and allow him to adjust to the changes. Watch out for little signs of improvement in how he handles the relationship.

• Be Wary of Sleep overs – as a single mom that is dating, you need to be careful when it comes to a man sleeping over. Before the relationship gets serious, it is advisable for him not to sleep over when the children are around. You can do sleepovers when the kids are with their father or when they visit their grandma. When it gets serious, and you introduce him to the kids, you can both decide how you feel about sleepovers and how it would affect the kids.

Despite the pitfalls that may come with dating, it is necessary for a single mom to take the risk and look for an opportunity to be in a healthy relationship where she is happy. You deserve it, so when you are ready, go out there and find someone who suits you.

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