4 More Reasons Dating as A Single Mom Is Awesome!

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4 More Reasons Dating as A Single Mom Is Awesome

We recently discussed here, how being a recently divorced mom; you may be afraid to get back into that dating game? You’re worried about eligible men rejecting you simply because you have kids. Alternatively, you are worried about your looks or how to behave on a date. We have 4 more reasons that should remind you that this can be the best time of your life if you let it!

1. The sex is going to be so much better. Why? Because you are comfortable with your body now, and you can let go of the hang-ups from the past about you and your partner. You won’t be as critical or judgmental of your partner, and now it will be good. There is no pressure about starting a family – this is just all about having a good time and having sex.

2. You have become you, whoever that is. In your mid-20s, you’re still struggling in the professional world, trying to make you mark. You were still forming those friendships that would be forever and trying to determine what was important to you in life. Now that you’re in your 30s and 40s though, you have reached several milestones in your career, your relationships, and with yourself. You know who you are, and you know what you want and when you want it. This will take so much burden off of you that dating will be easier.

3. You are no longer that annoying needy girl. You are now a grown woman with kids, and you have responsibilities. Your time is limited and being clingy and needed isn’t on the schedule. When you do go out on a date, you want to get the most of that adult time as you can and not worry about if he doesn’t call the next day or ever again as far as that goes. You’re so busy; you don’t have time to worry about him and what he’s doing.

4. You are less prone to waste your valuable time on the wrong man because you have less time altogether. You are a single mom, and you are busy, so if you have an empty, lonely night every now and then, that’s okay. You have your kids to spend time with, and if they are with their dad, then you have some time to spend with your favorite person, YOU! You don’t need a string of losers coming to entertain you because you don’t need to be entertained anymore.

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